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ARRIGE association launched: the Scientific Committee

By March 25, 2019July 12th, 2021arrige, constitution

The ARRIGE Scientific Committee has been created and their duties include:

  1. to provide a forum of experience and knowledge-sharing in the field of genome-editing
  2. to ensure the quality and scientific integrity of the studies and reports undertaken by the focus groups of the Association
  3. to be responsible for the quality and the scientific integrity of the ethical recommendations the Association may draft for users of genome-editing technology, national and international decision-makers and the civil society at large.

Members of the ARRIGE Scientific Committee:

Janet Rossant (Canada), Matthew Porteus (USA), Stephen Ekker (USA), Lydia Teboul (UK), Bruce Whitelaw (UK), Tony Nolan (UK), Yann Herault (France), Gaetan Burgio (Australia), Jerome Amir Singh (Canada), Eleonore Pauwels (USA), Ayola Akim Adegnika (Gabon), Fabiana Arzuaga (Argentina), Mylène Botbol (Belgium), Pierre Jouannet (France), Amar Jesani (India), Josep Casacuberta (Spain), Martina Crispo (Uruguay) and Juraj Koppel (Slovakia)

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