ARRIGE announces its 2023 annual meeting which will take place on Monday 8 May 2023 at the National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC), in Madrid (Spain), and will be organized by ARRIGE President Dr. Lluís Montoliu.

The topic of the 2023 ARRIGE meeting will be: Genome Editing in Plants (and Animals) in the European Union versus other countries in the world

Confirmed invited speakers: Pere Puigdomènech (CRAG, Barcelona, Spain); Toni Granell (IBMCP, Valencia, Spain); Josep Casacuberta (CRAG, Barcelona, Spain, and ARRIGE Scientific Committee); Leire Escajedo (UPV/EHU, Leioa, Spain); Ana Judith Martín (MAPA, Madrid, Spain), Martina Crispo (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay, and ARRIGE Scientific Committee), Soledad de Juan (Fundación Antama, Madrid, Spain); Antonio Villarroel (ANOVE, Madrid, Spain); David Lapuente (BIOVEGEN, Madrid, Spain); Daniel Voytas (University of Minnesota, USA); Ana Granados (EFFAB, Brussels, Belgium); Javier Molina (GENYO, Granada, Spain and GenE-Humdi COST action).

Donwload here the program of the 2023 ARRIGE meeting. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM (CET, Madrid time) and will finish at 17:00 (05:00 PM, CET, Madrid time). During the meeting coffee/beverages and lunch will be provided to participants attending on-site.

The meeting will take place at CNB-CSIC in Madrid (Spain) in hybrid format. Both in-person and online participation will be possible. Limited seats available on-site. Seats will be assigned on a first-come/first-serve manner.

How to reach CNB?

  • Local trains (line C4)
  • Local bus (line 714)
  • Standard cabs plus Cabify, Uber and Bolt are operative in Madrid

Active 2023 ARRIGE members (2023 membership paid) will be entitled to free registration, both online or on-site. The online participation will be managed through the ARRIGE Zoom license. Connection details will only be provided to registered active 2023 ARRIGE members and to registered non-ARRIGE members that have paid the registration fee.

Non-ARRIGE members registration fees:

  • 150 € (for on-site physical attendance)
  • 75 € (for online participation)

Please pay with your credit card or your paypal account through ARRIGE paypal: or contact our treasurer at the same email address for bank wire transfer information.

REGISTRATION for the 2023 ARRIGE meeting

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